The best strategies for electronic roulette

Roulette is a classic casino game of chance. Since its invention, it has occupied an important space in these establishments. And in the middle of the 20th century it evolved into electronic roulette. Its main difference with the traditional one is that it does not require the presence of a dealer, since it is an automated system. In iJuego we tell you what are the best strategies for electronic roulette . Winning has never been so easy.

The most famous strategies for electronic roulette

  • Martingale strategy: it is one of the most used strategies due to its simple operation. It can be used in all the plays of electronic roulette. It is simply based on doubling the bet every time you lose. In this way, when winning, what has been lost would be recovered and a small benefit would be obtained.
    d’Alembert strategy: it is based on the law of equilibrium. One unit is added each time it is lost, and one unit is subtracted each time it is won. Playing with this strategy we minimize losses in the worst case.
  • Fibonacci Strategy: in this sequence, each number is the result of adding the previous two: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21… Every time you lose you have to bet the amount of the next number, and when win we must delay two numbers in the sequence the next bet.
  • Advantages of electronic roulette compared to traditional
  • Innovation: electronic roulette is a proposal much more in line with the times, casinos and current players.
  • Convenience: each player has a touch screen for themselves from which they can make their bets in a very comfortable and intuitive way.
  • Ease: the betting interface is very simple, so it does not represent any type of difficulty when making electronic roulette plays.
  • Fun: the technological advance that exposes this type of game generates an extra emotion. Electronic roulette sounds and displays are inspired by slot machines, generating sounds and lighting as players win.

How electronic roulette works

The operation of electronic roulette is very simple. As in any roulette game, the object is to place the bet on the winning number. The final position in which the ball lands determines successful bets.

The software of this roulette is based on an electronic circuit, in which an air blower launches the ball and rotating plates accelerate its movement. The launches occur between 30 and 45 seconds approximately.

It is an automated system that does not require a dealer. Each player has a particular scorecard , with which you can play much more comfortably, both in person and online.

At iJuego , the Gran Vía casino in Madrid online, we have told you what the best strategies are for electronic roulette. On our website you can play different modalities of this popular game of chance, guaranteeing your safety and fun at all times. In addition, you can try your luck 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Visit our online casino if you want to try your luck at electronic roulette without leaving your sofa.